Birds of Costa Rica :: News

16th July 2014

A sneak preview of our range mapping system


Bird population range mapping in the field has generally relied on somewhat static forms of visualisations. These are cumbersome and expensive to maintain and update in subsequent publications.


What we've been working on and testing in the field is a state of the art range mapping system that utilises the GPS feature available in most smartphones nowadays. Our range maps are curated through the compilation of over 270,000 GPS points to-date.


In the next release of Birds of Costa Rica Smartphone Field Guide, the public range mapping feature will be rolled out and you will be able to take part in live range mapping for the species you see.

We're excited to see how you will use this feature; whether it be for scientific population density surveys or to create your own sighting maps to share with friends and family..

We hope you like it..

Chris @ BoCR w/ ♥